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Product - GR-89



Product Description


HOLUX GR-89 is a high performance, low power consumption, small size, very easy integrated GPS engine board designed for a broad spectrum of OEM system applications. This product is based on the proven technology found in other HOLUX 20 channel GPS receivers and SiRF GSC3f chipset solution. The GPS engine board will track up to 12 satellites at a time while providing fast time-to-first-fix and one-second navigation updates. Its far reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications. Therefore, HOLUX GR-89 engine board is very fit to the customers who devote themselves to AVL system integration and location-based service.

The GR-89 design utilizes the latest surface mount technology (BGA) and high level circuit integration to achieve superior performance while minimizing space and power requirements. This hardware capability combined with software intelligence makes the board easy to be integrated and used in all kinds of navigation applications or products. The application system may communicate with the engine board set via two RS232 compatible bi-directional communication channels with CMOS 3V voltage level.


SiRF GSC3f chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU available for customized applications in firmware.

20-Channel GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition.

Very compact size, only 25.4 x 25.4 x 3 mm.

200, 000 effective correlators for fast Time To First Fix (TTFF), even at poor satellite signal.

Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator.

Low power consumption with Advanced Trickle-Power and Push-To-Fix mode.

Support NMEA-0183 v2.2 data protocol and SiRF binary code.

Real time navigation for location based services.

For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL and Location-Based Services, Auto Pilot, Personal Navigation or touring devices, Tracking devices/systems and Mapping devices application

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